About Us

rtdouglass.com is dedicated to writing enriching stories.

Robert Douglass reaches high with a regard for the academic’s and passion for adventure in life’s many challenges.


Robert portrayed some of life’s adventures and challenges in the cozy mystery: the little town of Summerville – A Dog Named Chubby.

Book 2 of the little town of Summerville series will be released in 2022.


Robert has spent the majority of his life studying Theology. He also has an AAS in Microsoft Networking Technology from Glendale Community College and is a Microsoft Certified Professional.


Robert likes reading, writing, and exploring natural wonders. His favorite pastime is telling tall stories around the campfire.

As stories were told over the years a request was made to write a novel. The writing adventure began with drafts on the weekend and late night edits.

Duke and Cali keep the atmosphere light as stories form in the office.


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